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« Late Medieval Recipe Books »  


The treatise of Jean Lebègue, dated 1431, is among the best known and most frequently cited medieval treatises on painting technique. Despite its relative fame, since Mary Merrifield’s partial publication of this text in 1849, no further studies of the entire work have been attempted apart from a pioneering article by Tosatti Soldano (1983) : La Tabula de vocabulis synonymis (...) in relazione a Giovanni Alcherio...


I. Villela-Petit, « Copies, Reworkings and Renewals in Late Medieval Recipe Books », dans J. Nadolny éd., Medieval Painting in Northern Europe : Techniques, Analysis, Art History, Studies in commemoration of the 70th birthday of Unn Plahter, Londres, 2006, p. 167-181. Archetype Publications - ISBN : 1-904982-21-2

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